Monday, August 3, 2009

There are few things more important than clean air and water to our health.

Often we don't think about the air we breathe and the water we drink when thinking about our health. But we deal with both of these things in our business on a daily basis. Having clean water, especially when its well water, can be acheived by the use of proper filtration. This does not happen by adding a simple water softener. We have systems that filter iron, sulfer, and many other water pollutants out. When coupled with a water softener this system can provide much cleaner and more healthy water for your family. If you want to go a step further, you can add a system for drinking water called an Reverse Osmosis Purification System. This system can make the water up to 99% pure. This water is fairly tasteless since nearly all of the minerals have been removed and it is simply water left.
On the clean air side of things, as an American Standard dealer, we have a whole house system that purifies the air. This system is slightly better than a HEPA filter but purifies the air for the entire house as the furnace or air conditioner is running. One of the challenges of air filtration is that the filters air restrictive to the air flow causing the air delivery system to work harder to deliver the same amout of air to the space. Often a really good filter becomes a really bad air restriction. This is not the case with an American Standard Accu-Clean whole house air purifier.
One other side benefit is that the system is totally cleanable and does not need parts or filters replaced periodically, only regular cleaning schedules should be followed. This saves the homeowner money as a good filter is expensive to replace again and again over many years.
Having clean air inside your house is very important as much of the contaminants that we breathe come from air that is stagnant such as that which is inside your home. Most systems are not very difficult to install and provide years of protection. I have many home owners that will testify that they love their Accu-Clean whole house system.