Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A positive perspective on small business.

One of the most positive things about owning a small business is the freedom to make decisions about how to accomplish whatever it is that you do and how you would like to structure payment and possibly give someone a special deal.  With that said, I have considered all of the corporate structures taking over so many of the small businesses these days and the freedom to make those decisions goes out the window.  The bottom line is the bottom line with a corporate structure.  Now I do understand that this is how they keep the upper management happy but, this is not my biggest concern.  I have my name on every invoice and truck and building and with that comes my reputation.  I consider having a good name of more importance than the bottom line of my balance sheet.  Don't get me wrong, I am not in this to loose money. You don't stay in business for 19 years without turning a profit.  I love small businesses and love to take part in supporting them.  Since both my wife and I run small businesses, it is very gratifying to see small business grow and be supported and not just for our sakes. This is the great thing about living in this country. We have the freedom to do whatever we want to support ourselves. I am very thankful to be in this country and hope that you too will consider supporting small businesses whenever and wherever you can.  Thanks for reading.

Chuck McConnell 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now is the time to start thinking of getting your furnace cleaned and serviced for winter.

Yes I know we hate to admit that winter is coming and we just are not quite ready.  However, this is the time to have your furnace serviced and tuned up for the winter. You can save yourself the headache of having a nuasance service call in the middle of a cold night by having a service pro look at and check over your furnace.  Although we don't often think it makes a difference, cleaning and servicing a furnace does allow a trained tech to detect a potential problem before it becomes a breakdown.  You always benefit from having a cleaner furnace because it can cause reduced burning efficiency when it is really dirty.  I love my service agreement customers because they always have cleaner and easier to maintain furnaces because they are cleaned once a year. Your furnace will last longer when it is cleaned regularly.  There is only one down side to cleaning a furnace- it costs money.  but right now I am going to offer a half price service agreement to anyone who mentions this blog post to my office.  Just our way of saying thanks for following us on our blog site.

Chuck Mcconnel

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tax Credit facts for 2011. Not so grand!

Well here we are in 2011. I can't believe that it's already February.  The Federal tax credits for this year consist of 30% of the parts cost only and not the labor with a cap of $500.00.  Last year the cap was $1500.00.  Now let me qualify that if you have already claimed a tax credit in previous years this $500.00 dollars only applies to the amount left from previous years. So if you have taken $1200.00 of the tax credit you would only be eligible for $300.00 in this year. If you have taken $1500.00 in previous years you have $0.00 eligible for the tax credit this year.  It, as you can see, is a very poor incentive program.  These kinds of programs work to stimulate purchases and that is the type of stimulation this economy needs.  On the other hand I don't think that people that owe $0.00 in tax and pay nothing should be allowed to be paid from our Federal treasury to buy something.  This is where I find fault.  As long as people are being allowed to lessen their tax burden, I think that is always a good plan since I think we all pay way too much in taxes anyway.  I got just a little off track there with the opinions but I hope these things clerify the Federal tax credit guidlines for this year.